BLOG TOUR | THE BONE SHARD DAUGHTER by Andrea Stewart (Book Review + 5 Underhyped SFF Books by WOC I’m Excited to Read)

Hello, beautiful booknerds!

I know I am extremely late in posting this blog tour stop, but the past weeks were some of the darkest times in my life. I wasn’t in the right headspace to create content, thus my absence on most social media platforms. I’m not sure I’ll be consistent in posting from here on out, but I am hoping this can bring a spark of motivation getting back into the groove of things.

Wherever you are right now, I hope you’re taking care of yourself, and giving yourself that much-needed break from whatever drains your energy. Remember to give your mental, emotional, and physical health top priority all the time.

Read on if you would like to know my thoughts on Andrea Stewart’s ingenious SFF debut, The Bone Shard Daughter. I also took the liberty to include in this post five fantasy novels I can’t wait to get into before this year ends, thanks to Kate’s influence.

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BLOG TOUR | VANESSA YU’S MAGICAL PARIS TEA SHOP by Roselle Lim (Review + Favorite Quotes & Aesthetic Board)

Hello, beautiful booknerds! Today’s my blog tour stop for Vanessa Yu’s Magical Paris Tea Shop, hosted by Caffeine Book Tours. I am so thrilled to be featuring some creative content that I loved putting together. Before I get on with the review, I’d like to thank Caffeine Book Tours, especially Shealea, for having chosen me as one of the hosts. This is the first blog tour I signed up for, so I am ecstatic that I got to do this for a book authored by a fellow Filipina.

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WRAP-UP | Books I read in May & June + mini June haul

It’s been a hot minute since I last updated this blog. I was only a mere five blog posts in after I first started this, when I felt so out of it mid-May, always doubting and second-guessing myself (you may call it an existential dread). Expecting that June would be a lot better (of course I wanted it to be better because it’s my favorite month; hooray for #PrideMonth), I had so much pride-related posts planned. However, regretfully, those all fell through when things took a turn for the worse when June came.

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April was an excruciatingly long month; mindless watching Youtube videos and Netflix, escapist reading and impassioned shooting at enemies in this mobile game called PUBG seem to be the only things that filled my days.

And since I only had menial tasks requiring of my energy and focus, I read a whopping 20 books, with a total of 6, 040 pages this month. Reading this much is a feat worthy of celebration for me, considering that my short-attention span seems to be getting worse these days. One moment I badly want to binge-watch a Kdrama or basically anything on Netflix, the next I want to just ceaselessly create graphics on Canva, and the next I’m so into reading that I don’t want to stop… you get the picture.

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